Antwerp Zoo 
       Arc de Triomphe 
       Eiffel Tower 
       Luxembourg Gardens 
       Notre Dame 
       Les Invalides 
       Sainte Chapelle 
   Chateau de Versailles 
   Volendam and Enkhuizen 

Our Trip to Belgium, France and Holland

  This page documents our two week trip to Europe (April 31st through May 6th 2006). Our friend Kathy has been living and working in Brussels for about a year and a half (at the time of the visit, anway.  Now's she's only a few months away from moving back to the US!).  She was on a three year work assignment there.  We missed being at her big birthday bash in southern France, so we made sure to make it over to visit another time.  We are THAT selfless. 

 The links to the left highlight the places we went and the things we did. Most sections have pictures included.

We hope you enjoy this travel log!

Mark & Melissa