Our Hotel 
   Queen's Park 
   The City 
   Kimberly's Ordination 
   Our Bed and Breakfast 
   Edinburgh Castle 
   Scott Monument 
 Lake District 
   Our Bed and Breakfast 
   Kirkstone Pass 
 The Cotswolds 
   Our Bed and Breakfast 
   Our Bed and Breakfast 
   Around Town 
   Roman Baths 
 Stone Henge 
 Windsor Castle 
   Our Hotel 
   Around London 
   The River Thames 
   Piccadilly Circus 
   Trafalgar Square 
   Tower of London 
   Tower Bridge 
   Kensington Palace 
   Hyde Park 
   Buckingham Palace 
       Changing of the Guard 
       The Royal Mews 
   St. Paul's Cathedral 
   Hamptom Court 
   Globe Theater 
   Westminster Abbey 
   The London Zoo 
   Abbey Road 

Our Trip to the United Kingdom

  This page documents our two week trip to the United Kingdom (September 23rd through October 10th 2004). Mark's friend Kimberly was the catalyst as she was being ordained in the Scottish Episcopal Church September 25th. We decided to start with that and then drive our way across Scotland and England for the following two weeks. At left you can see all of the places we went. Click on each to get more information and pictures.

  We had a great time on our trip, and many thanks to Kimberly for causing us to take it (not to mention inviting us to her ordination)! We had some stressful parts driving around, notably in Glasgow and in London - ironically these were when we were picking up the car, and dropping it off, respectively. In between we didn't have much trouble at all (Bath was not so great either). We enjoyed all of the places we stayed, and all in all, our B&B choices ended up being pretty good.

  The list on the navigation bar is roughly is in generally the same order as we visited the places.

 We hope you enjoy this travel log!

Mark & Melissa